I haven’t really written on here since my book came out in April, so I feel like I need to write something really awesome on here now.

But whenever I feel like I need to write something awesome, it freezes me, and I write nothing. Which is what’s been happening for weeks.

So instead I’m going to say that all the Denton events of the past two months have been wonderful, and I truly appreciate all the lovely people I’ve met: librarians, booksellers, authors, festival volunteers, and, of course, readers. So many awesome readers. Thanks to all of you. For buying the book, for reading the book, for taking the time to email or tweet at me. I can’t tell you how much all of that means. (I seriously can’t tell you. I’m not allowed. It’s in my contract.) 

More things on here soon that are more fun than this sincere thank you. In the spirit of that future fun, I leave you with this photo I took of a real place.