Broadway Bounty Hunter and other stuff

So I've more or less dropped off the face of the internet the past weeks because I've been hard at work on this musical. Man oh man, Broadway Bounty Hunter is coming together in a glorious way, and I think it's going to be a very fun show. If you're in or near the Berkshires from August 12th - September 4th, please come check it out. It's an incredible cast led by the wonderful Annie Golden (Norma Romano in Orange is the New Black), and I'm really proud of the work we're all doing. 

Other fun things:

Denton Little's Deathdate won the ILA Young Adult Award for 2016! That was incredibly surprising and surreal and I still feel like it didn't actually happen. Thanks, ILA. Reading is everything, and it's a huge honor to receive this award.

I loved being on Sarah Enni's First Draft podcast. We talked about teen dramas, reader expectations, acting vs. writing, and my father's love for Dick Francis books.

The Lance and Ray Show came back with our first ep in a while, featuring my amazing editor sister Mariel Rubin as a guest. 

That's all the fun I have for now! Come September, I'll be much more present on social media. Enjoy the rest of summer! Hope you're reading a lot of books and playing lots of freeze tag.