Katie's Show is TONIGHT at 7 PM. Checkit!

This show’s gonna be great.  And also I play guitar in it.


Joe’s Pub

Price: $14


Katie Schorr saves the world

By Angela Ashman

Funnylady Katie Schorr has numerous credits to her name: She has appeared in CollegeHumor videos (see: “Back to the Future Sex”), in Trojan condom commercials as “The Gonorrhea Girl,” and as a regular at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, where she recently killed with an impression of Nico singing an ode to actor-turned-AT&T-pitchman Luke Wilson. Described on her website as an “actor, writer, singer, skeeballer,” she’s bringing her latest solo show Did I Do That? to Joe’s Pub. The comedy, directed by Stephen Brackett, stars Schorr as a girl on a “quest to save the world and lose her virginity, somewhere between the Dominican Republic and Windsor, Canada.”