Some March things

Oh boy! I had a good streak going of posting on here every Tuesday, but then life got busier and my streak passed out in a field somewhere. Please forgive me.

In any case, here are some March things:

This week, thanks to the amazing Rhinebeck Writers Retreat, Annie Golden: Bounty Hunter, Yo!–the musical that I’ve been writing the past few years with Joe Iconis and Jason SweetTooth Williams–is having its first-ever workshop. With real actors and everything! Watching this thing come to life has been really magical. The cast, led by the wonderful Annie Golden, is terrific, as is director Leah Gardiner and the rest of the creative team. It’s culminating in a private reading Saturday, and hopefully the show will move onto some more public venues in the not-so-distant future. 

My wife Katie Schorr started a funny, self-deprecating blog about being a mother. I’m obviously biased, but I highly recommend it. Even if you’re not a mom.

I read one of my favorite chapters of DENTON on The Catapult this week. This podcast is hosted by Jaime Green, who is an awesome person and writer.  She was my first theater friend in college, and we took Sarah Ruhl’s playwriting class together freshman year (I think that’s true, right, Jaime? Did I just make that up?), and then later she was in a musical I co-wrote and directed. So it was very fun to reconnect to do this.

DENTON comes out in the UK on Thursday from Simon and Schuster! Very exciting. I had a good time doing a Quick Fire Q and A with them last week. If you’ve been dying to know which I prefer, DVD or Cinema, then you gotta read this RIGHT AWAY. 

I think that’s it for the moment. Hope you’re all having a wonderful March day. Soon the weather will be warm and everything will be even wonderful-er. Any day now. Really.