I am going to start blogging every week.

This Tumblr of mine has been in existence for over five years. (I know this because a couple of months ago Tumblr sent me an email wishing me a happy five years of Tumbling. That was nice.)

For the past three or so years my relationship with this blog has been very touch-and-go. Emphasis on the go. From April 2011 through June 2013 I flat-out abandoned this thing. I am still so sorry about that, sweet Tumbly.

*My Tumblr crosses its arms and frowns.*

But there’s a good reason - I was writing a book!

 *My Tumblr slowly shakes its head at me.*

You don’t think that’s a good enough reason? 

*My Tumblr shrugs while sarcastically raising its eyebrows, then looks away.*

All right, well, my Tumblr and I are still working things out, but my point is, I’m going to be writing things on here in a semi-regular fashion starting this Tuesday, November 4th (Election Day! Go vote!) and continuing every Tuesday after that until my aforementioned book, Denton Little’s Deathdate comes out on April 14th, 2015. And who knows, maybe I’ll even continue blogging after that. One step at a time, though, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

I should add that this official announcement of my blogging is not me imagining that anyone actually cares enough to need an official announcement, like they’re going to mark it down on their iCal or something. Really, this announcement post is more for me than anyone. I am a huge procrastinator and if I don’t proclaim that I’m going to do this, I probably never will.

So here I am proclaiming: if you want to read about my creative process, my transition from acting to writing, pop cultural things that I love, people that I love, and some filler stuff on the weeks I can’t come up with anything because I was too busy procrastinating, then check back here on Tuesdays. Thanks.

*My Tumblr crane-kicks me in the face.*